Far Northwest

The northern-most and north-western-most land mass, connected to the main continent at a point directly north of Balton.

Its contains a diverse geography of lakes, mountains, and forests.

The most prominently populated areas are:

Lake towns

  • located north of Balton
  • consisting of several small towns
  • largely self-sustaining
  • intermittent commerce exists with Balton
  • fluctuating with frequent trade disagreements – a recently overdue trade envoy from Balton has sparked rumors of foul play on the part of the Lake men, a probably hypothesis given reports of increasingly hostile interactions in previous months.

Elf community

  • north of Lake towns
  • little more than the fact of their presence is known about the elves
  • they rarely are seen by the Lake men.

Specific places of interest:

Location Primary Inhabitants Primary Characteristics
Anlentith Elves City
Anlentith Wood Elves Forest
Baskisi Human
Bizzy Lake Human Lake
Boniin’s Bay
Carrion Shallows
Elmouth Human Lake town
Euquapo Divide Mountain range
Gilder Human
Hersden Human Lake town
Lake Formouth Human Lake
Monepelia Human Lake town
Needle Falls Human Lake town
Reddice Lake Human Lake
Westlost Woods Orcs Forest

Far Northwest

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