Isthmus of Shorhaen

Isthmus of Shorhaen
- South-east of Balton, ruled by cities Graesby, Shorhaen & Aidenport; diverse; similar to early Renaissance Florence; financially and socially advantaged people can receive higher education, becoming writers, painters, architects, philosophers, as well as magic-users; not uncommon for children of Balton aristocracy to attend school there, while those few royally-sanctioned magic-users presumed to have learned their arts in the southern cities.

The three cities achieved regional stability, unseen in living memory, a few decades past. The local cultures became more homogeneous and resources became more balanced. In the end, it profited the Isthmus of Shorhaen communities to pool the land’s assets and make trade, not war. This bolstered the isolationist identity of Balton, who enjoyed the lack of militant intrusion while holding the burgeoning cultural norms of their southern neighbors as a contrast to their own standards.

The Isthmus cities maintain proper defenses and keep arms design up-to-date, less by necessity than for academic and economic purposes. To the west, across the mountains, regional relations are not so equitable. There, various adversaries still quibble over boundaries and occasionally seek goods and services from their eastern neighbors.

Schooling in the Isthmus is a joint venture between various “schools” that are a cross between academic colleges and fraternities. Each school is distinguished by its discipline, usually founded by a prominent figure of the region. Each city operates its own university, but the faculty are provided by the schools. Once a prospective student is accepted into a school, they may attend classes at any university represented by their school. Financially, the students pay the school and the school pays the university.

The Ridgeway School originated with Sir Jules Ridgeway of Graseby, a prominent figure in the city’s construction. Ridgeway is the place for those interested in mechanical arts. A student would have the option to practice under any instructor of the Ridgeway school once accepted. All three cities have representatives, but Graesby, naturally, has the best.

The schools are as follows:

Ridgeway School – mechanical, arcane, armament
Boethus School – writing, history, accounting, debate (politics)
Soldinue School – mathematics, philosophy, arcane, divine
Theano School – medicine, physiology, arcane
Deranos School – painting, architecture, sculpture

Specific places of interest:

Location Primary Inhabitants Primary Characteristics
Aidenport Human
Balton Human
Balton Watch Towers Human
Baltonhead Human
Enig Bay
Graesby Human
Hafton Human
Hearthstone Smithy
Jaen’s Reach Human
Latanus Keep Ruins
The Midway
Plazene Human
Shorhaen Human
Tiller’s Bay Human
Vuresk Human

Isthmus of Shorhaen

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